Prior to the start of construction, Capomastro Group can provide Pre-construction services to assess existing conditions and provide critical information to architects and engineers. Pre-construction findings allow for the clear evaluation of projected costs and allowances, construction feasibility, economical alternatives, availability of materials, and scheduling for permitting, procurement, and construction. Engaging Capomastro Group for Pre-construction services early on in the project design phase helps eliminate guesswork, streamlines approval and permitting procedures, sets clear expectations for all stakeholders, and saves time and money.

Capomastro Group operates on an open-ledger bidding and billing basis as a matter of principle, protecting our clients from the hidden charges or markups often buried in other contractors’ estimates. During the estimating phase of a project, we will assemble competitive bids from our network of proven sub-contractors, and compile a budget breakdown detailing each phase and cost-division of a job with all charges clearly shown, and shared with owners and all stakeholders. With each invoice, our accounting team produces a Client Budget Summary Report to update the financial snapshot of a project’s billing cycle every two weeks. The CBSR displays all costs associated with each work division, and details Original Budget, Approved Changes, Contract to Date, Total Billing to Date, Percent Complete, and Balance to Bill. Our commitment to transparent accounting at all phases of a construction project eliminates cost overruns and surprise billings, and is just one of the many ways Capomastro Group goes about building the most important things of all: successful partnerships, and happy clients!


From construction to supervision, custom home-building to property development, Principal Robert Lewis has more than 25 years of experience working across many sectors of the building trades. Robert’s knowledge of fine craftsmanship stems from his Architectural and Engineering studies at Laney College and UC Berkeley. He then mastered construction-project management skills as a Foreman, Superintendent, and Project Manager with Paragon General Contractors in the 1990’s, where he achieved consistent success in managing large-scale commercial and residential projects to completion on time and within budget. In 2006, Robert founded “Capomastro Group,” a name chosen to reflect the spirit, principles, and dedication of a “Master Builder.”


Capomastro Group is committed to maximizing value for our clients by applying precise attention to detail over costs, resources, and schedules, to provide quality work on time and within budget. Robert Lewis oversees management of each project personally to ensure clear lines of communication between client, architect, designer, and all subcontractors from the start to finish of each job. Each member of our team is tasked with a rigorous focus on service, quality, and value, which in addition to our experience and knowledge makes Capomastro Group an ideal choice for premium-grade construction services in the San Francisco Bay Area.